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Al Noor Advocates & Consultancy Law Firm.

Products / Services : Al Noor Advocates & Consultancy Law Firm, Specialize in the field of Business Law Firm having elite of experts and advisers at the highest level of expertise and skill in implementing creative strategies, which help avoiding future conflicts and to protect your business in the territory of Kuwait and the GCC countries within the Medill east next to a global level and the European Union.Criminal proceedings: As we specialize in criminal cases of all kinds, especially the implementation of judicial decisions within and outside the State of Kuwait.Personal Status: The law of personal status and what governs the family relations and organizing in the event of family conflicts, which affect directly the rights of women within the family or parental rights, taking into account the alimony and psychological care, intellectual, health and all their implications for children rights and the obligations of the material and moral. Also take into account the laws relating to marriage and its provisions, divorce and its provisions, also the provisions of inheritance.International contracts: international contracts are contracts of a special nature because of the conflict of laws, skills required needed to understand and to negotiate to reach and formulate a deal with all the different hypotheses and ensure conflicting rights.Arbitration: Save the rights of individuals and institutions without resorting to the ordinary judicial authorities in order to avoid long periods of litigation and the many expenses which makes Justice Slow in a time that time is considered cost, Legal Consultants that specialize in Arbitration, a select group of advisers have expertise legal and negotiating skills of the international laws, as well as proficiency in foreign languages what qualifies them to save the time and insuring results.Labor lawsuits: we offer advice and legal services in the case of labor, providing legal assistance in reviewing employment contracts, knowledge of how important the role of the management action to avoid the problems. We track suits and preparation sheets, and follow-up reports of the experts, and other procedures. Our Firm do provide the legal assistance of any kind or place, understanding the need of our clients giving the clients a Group and all of its energy and expertise. Welcoming to respond to all inquiries in various legal aspects, whether local or international.
Contact :  Mohamed Fared
Address :  Jaber Al-Mubarak, Khawla Complex- Mizaneen

Tel No :  +965 99555648
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