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Al Gharbaqi International LLC / AGI LLC

Products / Services : Sales of Materials like Melamine & PVC
Lipping, KD Fittings, Drawer Railing / Channels (Normal, Soft & Bearing), Various
Hinges like Straight, Full Bent, Half Bent, Fish, Sauce Hinges, Piano Hinges, Crown
Hinges, ROD Hinges, Packaging Materials like Wrapping Roll / Stretch Film,
Bubble Roll, Adhesives like Fevicol, BulBond, Masking Tape, Bison Kit, Super
Glue, German Glue, Silicone, Construction Foam, All Types of Fasteners /
Screws, Gypsum Screw, Coarse / Fine Thread, Coach Screw, Wafer Head, Fix Bolts,
Rawal / Fisher Plugs, Makita Tools and Accessories, Sliding Channels with
Fittings, Steel Rollers, PVC Heavy Rollers, Chrome Pipe, Brackets, Angle
Brackets, Shelf Supports, Dowel Pins, Buffer, Bush, Cup Nails, Measuring Tape,
Files, Level Bottle, Hacksaw Blades, Hole Saw Cutters, Jig Saw Blades, Cutting
Discs, Door Viewer, Door Bottom Seal (Rubber / Brush), Spanners, Hammers, Hasp
and Staples, Tower Bolts, Various Hooks, Window / Gate Latch, Aldrops, Knobs,
Handles, Studs, Wheels, Locks, Chisels, Screw Driver, Pliers, Cutters, Cylinders
with and without Knob, Drill Bits, Router Bits, Wood Bits, Flat Bits, Star
Bits, Brad Nails, Lost Head Nails, Wire / Head Nails, Corrugated Nails, Cutting
Blades, Finishing Blades, Rivet Gun, Silicone Gun, Enamel / Synthetic Paints,
NC / AC Lacquer, Stucco Putty, Thinner, PU Varnish, 2 PK PU Lacquer, NC / AC
Sealer, 2 PK PU Sealer, Polish Powder, Scrappers, Water / Sanding Papers,
Polish Papers, Paint Brushes, Rollers, Aluminium / Glass Fitting Accessories,
Handle, Lock Set, Latch Locks, Latch Locks with Knob, Klick Lock with and
without Key, Flush Locks, Rod Tower Bolt, Wool Pile / Brush, Rivet, CHIC
Hinges, Friction Hinges, Finger Catch, Door Closers, Floor Machines, Glass Top Bottom
Fittings, Glass Lock, L Patch Pivot Fittings, L Patch Loch keeper, Shower
Fittings, Fixed Hinges (Zinc / SS),  Veribors,
Dust Proof Sockets and many more items.
Contact :  Mr. Ali Suratwala
Address :  PO Box 147, Postal Code 112, Ruwi
Shop Located at Wadi Kabir

Tel No :  968 24818707
Fax No :  968 24818707
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