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NeoSupplies SRL

Products / Services :

We are young and dynamic, but
it is our belief to have cared to maintain our relations through hard and
professional work. We are conservative and prefer results to speculative gain.
We are highly innovative and invest in research for new products in our specific

are specialized in:

for cigarettes  RYO and MYO: Our Cut-rag is  blended,
cased and  flavoured with Aromatic
flavor impression and the necessary additives are applied to be fully stabilized.

Cut --Rag for Shisha FC Virginia Special high absorption
blend packed in C48 ready to be molassed.  

Pipe tobacco: In
blended strips ready to be cut and packed (sauced and flavored) or In Cut-Rag
ready to be packed (sauced and flavored) 

Chewing tobacco: In
blended strips, ready to be sliced in portions, or ready sliced (sauced and

Cigar filler: Type:
Long filler, filler, short filler, cigarillo filler for mechanical production

Wet snuff Blended,
sauced and flavored ready to be packed 

Dry powder, snuff or snus Blended,
grinded, flavored ready to be packed 

High and middle quality
blended strips Composed of FCV, toasted burley, Orientals. Ready
to be cut by the final buyer and producer of the finished product, will not get
moldy for 6 to 12 months, packed at 16 to 22% moisture.

( The
Blends are American Blend, English style Blends, European Blends, Halfzware
blend, for cigarettes , super slim, Ryo, Myo, Pipe tobacco. Packed in  C48
cartons. With just in time delivery programs.

Contact :  Cerasela Dinu
Address :  St. Verigei, Nr. 6, Bl. 2, Sc.3, Et. 1, Ap. 105

Tel No :  0040 743299136
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