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jinan yuansheng chemical co.,ltd

Products / Services : We are a manufacturer and exporter of construction chemical products. Our main products are: superplasticizer(SNF,FDN),sodium lignosulphonate, calcium lignosulphonate,sodium asphalt sulfonated (SAS), sodium gluconate,etc.
These products many usages are as follows:

Sodium Lignosulphonate, Calcium Lignosulphonate Used As Concrete Admixture In Construction, Ceramic Additive, Water Reducing Agent,oil well additives,dyestuff additives,dispersant,bonding agent,ect

Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde(SNF): Snf Used As Dispersing Agent in dyestuff , Super Plasticizer, High Range Water Reducing Agent In Construction Field, Concrete Admixtures.

sodium asphalt sulfonated (SAS): Drilling fluids and mud chemicals,shale control chemical.

Sodium Gluconate: Industrial Grade, Food Grade Used As Retardar , Concrete Admixtures, Water Reducing Agent, Water Quality Stabilizer, Steel Surface Cleaning Agents, Special Glass Cleaning

Because we have our own factory, we can give the best price to clients .
If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us. We will give you bottom price, good service and high quality.
your kindly reply will be appreciated.
Contact :  DANA
Address :  NO.81 XINZHU ROAD
Tel No :  0086 53188275800
Fax No :  0086 53188114496
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