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Products / Services : SELTEC FZC, Dubai, UAE.W: www.seltecuae.com  E:info@seltecuae.com  M: +971 50 4685343

SELTEC FZC, a well
established Free Zone entity manned by professionals with a combine
experience  of more than 40 years. SELTEC FZC is an
authorized distributor for FUCHS Lubricants and carry stocks for all
major Industrial applications; a huge variety of Lubricants and Greases along
with Sales, Service and Delivery. Industrial Lubricants:Hydraulic Oil :
Fuchs Renolin B Series, Fuchs Renolin DTA Series, Renolin MR Series.Gear Oil: Fuchs
Renolin CLP Series

Cleaners and Rust
Preventives: Fuchs Anticorit Series

Machine Oil: Fuchs
Oil Series

Slideway Oil:
Fuchs Renep Series

Transformer Oil:
Fuchs Renolin Eltec Series

Turbine Oil: Fuchs
Renolin Eterna Series

Heat Transfer Oil:
Fuchs Renolin Therm Series

Fire Resistant
Hydraulic Oil: Fuchs Hydrotherm Series

Compressor Oil:
Fuchs Renolin 500 Series

Process Oil: Fuchs
Oil Series

Soluble Cutting
Oil: Fuchs Ecocool Series

Neat Cutting Oil:
Fuchs Ecocut Series

Tracky Oil: Fuchs
Oil Series

Cylinder Oil:
Fuchs Renolin Series

Spindle Oil: Fuchs
Renolin MR Series

Wire Drawing Oil:
Fuchs Renoform Series

Spark Erosion Oil:
Fuchs Ecocut 1520 Series

Forming Lubricants:
Fuchs Renoform Series

Cold Rolling Oil:
Fuchs Renoform SeriesRefrigeration Oil:
Fuchs Reniso Series

Water Resistant
Greases: Fuchs Renolit CXI 2 Greases

High Temperature
Greases: Fuchs Renolit Hi Temp 2 Grease

Wire Rope Greases:
Fuchs Doutac Series

Biodegradable Lubricants: Fuchs Plantohyd, Plantosyn, Plantocut, Plantogel Series.

Contact :  Mr. S. Joseph # info@seltecuae.com
Address :  P.O. Box 49714, Sharjah, UAE.
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Tel No :  +971 50 4685343 / +971 4 2524938