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Toos carpet company

Products / Services : We would like to inform you that as a producer of machine-made carpets in Iran ,Toos Carpet Company enjoys the honor of producing unique machine-made carpets,rugs and carpet prayer  in various colors, sizes, and beautiful modern and traditional designs  by using the most modern technology. This company has begun its work since 2007.

These carpets are characterized by:
* 24 month's written guarantee about quality
* having an Iso 9001-2000 from International Moody Company
* producing fantasy carpets according to the order of state and private offices
* observing all the standards of carpet production  
* the best quality and reasonable prices
* we try to have only one agent or representative in each country, then we support that company
* ability to produce wall to wall carpet,
* production in the quality of BCF(nylon),heat set(polypro line),acrylic                    * selling the products to the ministries     with  unique conditions
And we  has always tried to promote  our products in its high quality.We are planning to have powerful representatives in all over the world. Then we support these agencies.our prices are competitive. At this moment, trust is valuable commodity. We want to make this trust between two parties. So we offer our products in high quality and competitive prices.

Contact :  Mr. hosein gheidari
Address :  No.514-5th tose,e Bolvd-Sabahi industrial town
old road of Aran&Bidgol
Tel No :  0098 3622750117
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