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Dongying Jinhao Chemical Co., Ltd.

Products / Services : Dongying Jinhao Chemical Co., Ltd., located in Shandong province, east in China, specialize in exporting Chemical raw materials, chemical reagents, and pharmaceutical/pesticides intermediates, etc.
Our exporting experience and innovative methods of transportation, storage and handling not only reduce the risks of dealing with hazardous chemicals, but also give us the unique ability to supply economically any size customer requirement from kilograms to shiploads.
We continuously identify, assess, select and maintain relationships with the best chemical manufacturers, taking the time and cost out of sourcing your fine chemicals, to ensure that you will have a highly reliable source of supply.
Our products focus on Methylene chloride / Dichloromethane, Propylene glycol / PG, Trichloroethylene / TCE, Polyamide resin, Di Methyl Carbonate / DMC, Dimethyl Formamide / DMF, etc.
We look forward to establishing a good and long-term business relationship with you.
Contact :  Ms. Rachel Han
Address :  No. 270, Nanyi Road
Tel No :  0086 7763899
Fax No :  0086 7767199
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