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Jayveer Steel

Products / Services : Jayveer Steel is proficiently engaged in the import and export of a wide range of industrial supplies such as pipes & pipe fittings, seamless pipe fittings, welded pipe fittings, nickel alloy pipe fittings, sheets, rods, fasteners, stainless steel fabrication and many more. Our company has been in the business of these products since 2004 as a reliable vendor. Our precision engineered products have been approved by prestigious ASTM, IBR, etc and have earned us wide acclaim in global market.
Our mentor Mr. Dinesh Jain who is the guiding light for us has tremendous experience in engineering field. All our products are produced using ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals that are duly tested at well equipped laboratory. Third party inspection is conducted on our products by recognized institutes such as Modvat Benefit. Stringent checks are performed on all the products that consistently create value for our customers in terms of efficient products. Our company is committed to achieve total client satisfaction and this has helped us sail through successfully ahead of our competitors. Our vision has always been to deliver products as per the exact requirements of our clients.
We provide our clients MTC(Manufacturing Technology Certificate) and IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation) certificates for their satisfaction. These attributes have also helped us to cater to the demands of a large client base that is spread across the globe.

Our Products:-
Stainless Steel Tube Pipe
Carbon Steel Tubing
Alloy Steel Pipes
Copper Alloy pipes
Duplex Steel Pipes
Metal Pipes
Steel Alloy Tubes
Stainless Steel Tubes
Carbon Steel Tubes
Alloy Steel Tubes
Forged Pipe Fittings
Industrial Forged Pipe Fittings
Forged High Pressure Fittings Socket Weld & NPT
Buttweld Fittings
Butt Weld Pipe Fittings
Long Radius Bend
Buttweld Tube Fittings
Sheet, Plates And Coil
Carbon Steel & Alloy Steel Plates And Sheets
Nickel Alloy & Non Ferrous Plates
Metal Fasteners
Metal Nuts
Metal Bolts
Metal Screws
Metal Washers
Industrial Flanges
ANSI Flanges
Din Flanges
BS Flanges
Jis Flanges
Nickel Alloy Flanges
Stainless Steel Rods
Industrial Stainless Steel Rods
Inconel Products
Inconel Pipe Fittings
Monel Products
Monel Pipes And Tubes
Monel Fitings
Hastelloy Products
Hastealloy Products
Industrial Hastelloy Products
Titanium Products
Industrial Titanium Products
Nickel Products
Industrial Nickel Products
Nickel Pipes
Nickel Plates
Nickel Sheet
Sheets & Plates
Metal Sheets
Metal Plates
Metal Coils
Carbon Steel Bars
BSP Threaded Fittings
BSP Threaded Fittings
Tube Fittings
Stainless Steel Coils
ANSI Flanges
Carbon Steel Flanges
Cast Flanges
Brass Flanges
DIN Flanges
Forged Steel Flanges
Hastelloy Flanges
Monel Flanges
Aluminum Flanges
Copper Flanges
Mild Steel Flanges
Pipe Flanges
Round Flange
Screwed Flanges
Socket Flange
Steel Plate Flanges
Reducing Flanges
Ring Joint Flanges
Stainless Steel Flanges
Threaded Flanges
Welding Flanges
Welded Flanges
Welding Neck Flanges
ASME Flange
Inconel Flanges
Nickel Flanges
Alloy Flanges
Air Compression Fittings
Brass Elbow Fitting
Brass Nipple Fittings
Brass Pipe Fittings
FRP Pipe Fittings
Flanged Fittings
Forged Brass Fittings
Forged Steel Fittings
GI Pipe Fittings
Nickel Fittings
Monel Fittings
Alloy Steel Pipe Fittings
Boiler Fittings
Bronze Pipe Fittings
Copper Fittings
Double Ferrule Fittings
Elbow Fittings
Flanged Pipe Fittings
Galvanized Fittings
Brass Forged Fitting
Brass Tube Fittings
Butt Weld Pipe Fittings
Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings
Copper Tube Fittings
Dairy Fittings
Equal Tee Copper Fittings
Galvanized Pipe Fittings
Forged Pipe Fittings
Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings
Tank Fittings
Pipe Fittings
Screw Fittings
Screwed Pipe Fittings
Socket Weld Fittings
Stainless Steel Tube Fittings
Steel Pipe Fittings
Steel Tube Fittings
Tee Fittings
Tube End Fittings
Union Fittings
Screw Pipe Fittings
Seamless Pipe Fittings
Socket Fittings
Stainless Steel Dairy Fittings
Weld Pipe Fittings
Welding Fittings
Round Bar
Stainless Steel Round Bar
Inconel Round Bar
Inconel 600 Bar
Monel Round Bar
Monel 400 Bar
Metal Bar
Inconel Fitting
Tube Fittings
Steam Pipe Fittings
Allen Cap Screws
Brass Screws
Brass Wood Screws
Dowel Screws
Hex Screws
Metal Screws
Hex Head Screws
Hex Washer Head Screw
Hexagon Head Screws
Locking Screws
Socket Cap Screw
Socket Head Cap Screw
Socket Set Screws
Oval Head Screws
Round Head Screw
Stainless Steel Screws
Steel Screws
Square Bar
Brass Bars
Brass Plates
Brass Coils
Brass Rods
Brass Strips
Brass Fittings
Brass Sheet
Brass Nuts
Axle Nuts
Channel Nuts
Domed Cap Nut
Alloy Steel Nuts
Carbon Steel Nuts
Hex Cap Nuts
Lock Nuts
Metal Nuts
Long Nuts
Eye Nuts
Hex Nuts
Round Nuts
Square Nuts
Spring Nuts
Stainless Steel Nuts
Steel Nuts
T Nut
Hexagonal Nut
Self Locking Nuts
Threaded Nuts
Anchor Nuts
Nylock Nut
Lug Nuts
Hex Flange Bolt
Anchor Bolts
Locking Bolts
Square Head Bolts
Stainless Bolts
Round Head Bolt
Socket Bolt
Stud Bolt
Titanium Bolts
Allen Bolt
Stainless Steel Bolts
Stainless Steel Hex Bolts
Copper Plate
Copper Rod
Copper Sheet
Copper Bars
Bolt Fasteners
Brass Fasteners
Locking Fasteners
Lock Fasteners
Carbon Steel Washer
C Washers
Cup Washers
Flat Washers
Metal Washers

Our Products:-
Stainless Steel Circles
17-4ph Flat Bar
17-4ph Round Bar
15-5ph Round Bar
15-5ph Flat Bar
13-8MO Round Bar
15-7MO Round Bar
Boilers Plates suppliers
Ferrule Tube Fittings
Refractory Anchors
Stainless Steel Clamps
Y Shape Anchor
AS A234 WP5 Bend
AS A234 WP5 Buttweld Fittings
AS A234 WP9 Bend
AS A234 WP9 Buttweld Fittings
Alloy Steel A234 WP11 Buttweld Fittings
Alloy Steel A234 WP11 Bend
Alloy Steel A182 F9 Outlets
Alloy Steel A182 F12 Forged Bar
ASTM A516 Gr.70 Plates
304 Stainless Steel Plate
304 Stainless Steel Pipe
304 Stainless Steel Flanges
304 Stainless Steel Round Bar
304 Stainless Steel Tube
304 Stainless Steel Sheet
304 Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings
304 Stainless Steel Forged Fittings
304 Stainless Steel Fasteners
304 Stainless Steel Outlets
316 Stainless Steel Plate
316 Stainless Steel Pipe
316 Stainless Steel Flanges
316 Stainless Steel Round Bar
316 Stainless Steel Tube
316 Stainless Steel Sheet
316 Stainless Steel Buttweld Fittings
316 Stainless Steel Forged Fittings
316 Stainless Steel Fasteners
316 Stainless Steel Outlets
SS 316Ti Round Bar
SS 316Ti Plate and SS 316Ti Sheet
SS 316Ti Flanges
SS Pipe
SS 316Ti Tube
SS Buttweld Fittings
SS 316Ti Forged Fittings
SS316TiOutlets SS 316Ti Fasteners
SS Pipe
SS Sheet
SS Tube
SS 317L Round Bar
SS 317L Buttweld Fittings
SS 317L Bend
SS 317L Forged Fittings
SS 317L Outlets
SS 317L Flange
SS 317L Fasteners
SS Pipes
SS Tubes
SS Round Bar
SS 309 Buttweld Fittings
SS 309 Forged Fittings
SS 309 Flanges
SS 309 Fasteners
SS 309 Sheets, Plates & Coil
SS Sheets
SS Pipes
SS Tubes
SS 310 Round Bars
SS 310 Buttweld Fittings
SS 310 Forged Fittings
SS 310 Flanges
SS 310 Sheets
SS 310 Fasteners
SS Tube
SS Plates
SS Pipe
SS 321 Round Bar
SS 321 Buttweld Fittings
SS 321 Forged Fittings
SS 321 Bend
SS 321 Outlets
SS 321 Flanges
SS 321 Fasteners
SS 321 Sheets
SS Sheet
SS Tube
SS Round Bar
SS 347 Pipe
SS 347 Buttweld Fittings
SS 347 Forged Fittings
SS 347 Bend
SS 347 Outlets
SS 347 Flanges
SS 347 Fasteners
SS Pipe
SS Tube
SS Sheet
SS 904L Round Bar
SS 904L Buttweld Fittings
SS 904L Bend
SS 904L Forged Fittings
SS 904L Outlets
SS 904L Flanges
SS 904L Fasteners
SS 409 Products
SS Pipe
SS Tube
SS Buttweld Fittings
SS 409 Bend
SS 409 Forged Fittings
SS 409 Outlets
SS 409 Flanges
SS 409 Round Bar
SS 409 Plate and SS 409 Sheet
SS 409 Fasteners
SS Pipe
SS Tube
Contact :  Mr. Hitesh Jain /Mr. Chirag Jain
Address :  No. 4, Lad Niwas - 42/62,
Ardeshir Dady Street
Tel No :  0091 22 66518875/ 66518830
Fax No :  0091 22 23855101