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Products / Services : Pipeline (pipe welders heavy equipment) such as Lincoln, Miller etc. Caterpillar power plants, genstar or Cat power equip, or Cummins.
Excavators, Bull Dozers, motor graders, Vibratory Drum packers
Onsite or remote high volume centrifugal pumps and HDPE
Sideboom and or magnetic pipelayers for pipelines
Rabbits and pressure test equip pipline
well casing, drill stem, bit breakers, platform tools
x-ray and ultrasound for weld integrity in pipline and pressure station
x-ray and ultrasound to asses drill stem suitability for reuse
Drill stem antifungals antimicrobials and high pressure cleaning pumps hose and nozzles preparing for reuse
Drill stem unstopper mudddog
Safety equipment all OSHA approved
Hydraulic roboticlow impact drilling platforms/units or oldstyle
Any water separators tanks or pumps for mud and water handling & drying tanks
Cement pumps such as schwing
Vac trucks such as super sucker for managing flow back pits and closed loop drilling managing salt water and mudd
Steel valves all ASTM and API certified just pick size and application
Compressors high volume and high pressure for onsite frac and lift station use
frac gun no charges
well head all finishout equipment
All anchors blast blocks tension cables
Compression station equipment
All finishout equipment
Rat hole cleanout pumps truck monted can sell as skid unit
All chemicals for every phase and API certified.
Spools reel trailers for hdpe and fusion machine, racks for aluminum water transfer pipe.
Painting sandblasting and site maintenance equipment
Slick wire, line wire, and fishing tools
Nitrogen generators for downhole use
Contact :  Martin
Address :  6743 Cindy Lane, Houston, TX 77008
United States of America
Tel No :  00817 817-704-1951