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Products / Services : JK Corporation is the most specialized company who can produce various types of construction equipments and tools for diaphragm wall and bored pile and other special construction method.

Product Range:

1. Cutting tools for Bauer BC trench cutter(Diaphragm wall construction equipments)
2. Casing bit for Rotator
3. Diaphragm wall equipments and spare parts
4. Leader, Auger drive, Screw, DTH hammer for Pile driver(DH508, 608, etc)
5. Mud hose, Cutting wheel, Mud pump, various spare parts for Bauer BC trench cutter
6. Drilling tools for Bauer BG machine
7. TBM cutter by OEM
8. Bored pile equipments : RCD(Reverse circulation drilling machine), Casing Oscillator, Hammer Grab(Rod type, Wheel type)
9. Desander, Filter press, Disilter, Decanter
10. Sheet piler
11. Vibro hammer
12. Hydraulic cylinder by OEM
13. PVD machine
14. Diaphragm wall grab(Mechanical)
15. Used Bauer BC30 trench cutter : 2sets are available for sale
16. Jack up system for Jack up barge
17. Drill Rod for DTH hammer work
Contact :  James Cho
Address :  Room no. 1006, F dong, In Je university,
O bang dong, Kim Hae City, South-Korea.
South Korea
Tel No :  0082 553214055
Fax No :  0082 553214050
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