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Merchant Machinery Mart

Products / Services : Merchant Machinery Mart India established in Mumbai in 1981, has built for itself a strong presence in increasingly competitive markets. Promoted by the invaluable leadership and expertise of Mr. Khozema Merchant (B.E. Electrical) and his son Mr. Husain Merchant (B.E. Computers). We are proud to announce ourselves as the leading Exporters and Suppliers of a wide range of workshop machinery and machine tools needed in almost every kind of industry.

We have a wide range of cutting machines. Wood cutting Bandsaw machines of Milson Brand, Hydraulic and Mechanical Hacksaw Machine of Jaswant and Ambica Brand, Threadle Shearing Machines, Pipe Bending Machines. All these machines are from top manufacturers and we have the exclusive dealership rights for these machines. We can provide details and price for any kind of metal cutting, metal bending machines.

We also deal in all types and sizes of Drill Machines, and Radial Drill Machines. We have Agencies of big brands like Prashant Drill Machine, Panchal Drill Machine, Satya Prakash Radial Drill Machines and KMP Panchal Drill Machine. We also stock Tapex brand tapping machine of 6mm and 12 mm size. These are big brands and most reliable ones too.
Contact :  Mr Husain Merchant
Address :  110/116 Chimna Butcher Street
Parda Cottage, Null Bazar
Tel No :  9122 23464459