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Products / Services : Amongst the leading Design, Dewatering, Piling & Accessory supply companies with geotechnical expertise since early 1960s
More than 1000 successfully executed projects with unwavering focus on continual improvement & innovation ensuring benefits for clients
Ideal partner for organizations looking at designing & project execution for dewatering & piling solutions because of its core capabilities, human resources, commitment to quality & infrastructure
Design: Ensuring technical design & planning required for successful execution for all dewatering & piling projects. Includes analysis of soil investigation reports & tools for groundwater modelling & simulation
Piling: Specialization in designing & execution of pile foundations for buildings, industries, bridges, harbors with specialization in electrical / microwave tower foundations. Includes Bored Cast In-Situ piles (vertical/inclined), testing capacity (compression & uplift), shoring system ('H' soldier piles, contiguous piles, secant piles, RCC diaphragm wall), soil & rock anchors, micro piles, soil compaction
Dewatering: Among the most sought after dewatering companies in the UAE for some of the most challenging projects. Includes wellpoint, deep well & sumping dewatering systems aided by French drain/trenches
Accessories: Among the leading suppliers of dewatering equipment & accessories like galvanized couplings, wellpoints, hoses, clamps etc & tools widely supplied to most of the major leading infrastructure companies. Equipments used include rigs, cranes, dewatering pumps etc
Process: Reliability, effectiveness, maintaining high standards, robust internal processes & people management systems
Quality: to quality & infrastructure to enable business results & deliver 24x7
Contact :  Mr Ashish Desai
Address :  P O Box 6447,
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Tel No :  +9712 5545515
Fax No :  +9712 5545516
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