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DTII fixed belt conveyor
DTII fixed belt conveyor :

DTII fixed belt conveyor is the upgrade product from TD75,its adaptability is stronger, and be widely used, it’s widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry and so on for bulk materials and packaged product conveying. Single equipment can be used, multiple or composition with other conveyors for horizontal or inclined conveying system. The operation temperature of belt conveyor is from -25℃~40℃,and request temperature of conveyed materials not exceed 60℃;The heat resistance rubber belt can convey the high temperature materials that below 120℃,the belt conveyor is not suitable for convey higher temperature materials. The oil-resistance, acid resistance rubber belt are used to convey acid, alkaline, oil materials and some materials with organic solvent.


Power, Metallurgy, Construction, Light industry, Grain, Mining industry and so on.


Our products advantages:


1. The range of conveyed materials is widely. Wet, dry, powder, block materials and packaged product are can be used belt conveyor;

2.The capacity is large, the convey distance is length;

3.Multiple spot feeding and discharge can be realized in one belt conveyor;

4. Continue operation , running steady and small noise;

5. Simple structure, work reliable , easy operation ,installation and maintenance.



Structures of DTII fixed belt conveyor:


1.The driving system of belt conveyor has open drive device and closed drive device. The open drive device is consist of motor, high speed coupling, brake, reducer gears, low speed coupling and roller bearing. They are assembled on the steel structure base(Below 100kW usually)or concrete base(more than 115kW usually). Closed drive device means electric drum, it’s a drive device that put motor and reducer gears in rotary drum, compare with open drive device, the closed system has compact structure , operation safety , small footprint, light weight, good appearance and low cost characteristics. Electric drum of TD 75 belt conveyor has various configuration ,such as power from 1.5 to 13kW,diameter of drum from 320 to 800mm,belt speed 0.8 to 40m/s and belt width from 500 to 1400mm.


2.There are impact idlers in the feeding place of belt conveyor to reduce the impact from materials.


3.To avoid the belt running deviation, one groove type aligning idler is installed between 10 carrying idler during loading section; and level aligning idler is installed in unloading section between each 6-10 carrying idler.


4.There are three types tension device for belt conveyor, such as spiral tension, vehicle tension and vertical tension, choosing according to tension force, tension range and tension location, the latter two need bigger installation space, but the tension force is constant and tension range is larger, which suitable for long distance belt conveyor.

contact: Annchen

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