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Lamp method oil sulfur content tester for petroleu
Lamp method oil sulfur content tester for petroleu :


Sulfur content of petroleum products tester (lamp method) is the People's Republic of China in accordance with the requirements of standard GB / T380 "Determination of sulfur content in petroleum products (lamp method)" under the design and manufacture of this instrument is suitable according to GB / T380 standard The method of measurement prescribed Reid vapor pressure not greater than 600 mm Hg light petroleum products (gasoline and kerosene) of sulfur content.



1, glassware easy loading and unloading.

2, the combustion lamp can be adjusted up or down according to need.

3, the gas flow rate of each gas path can be adjusted independently.

4, can be sucked sample gas after combustion, while stirring the test solution from the dual role.


Technical Parameters

1 Power supply: AC220V ± 10%; 50Hz.

2, the number of samples: independent five groups, each group can test separately.

3, electromagnetic pump: master electromagnetic pump independent five groups vacuum exhaust volume can be adjusted independently, auxiliary electromagnetic pump (mixing pump) a group.

4, vacuum extraction adjustment: stepless adjustment potentiometer.

5, Enlightening regulation: EEP each group can be independently adjusted up and down to adjust the range of not less than 15 mm.

6, structural materials: countertops and stainless steel tube holder.

7, cuvette holders: each group independently adjustable cuvette holder, adjustable range of not less than 20 mm.

8, the ambient temperature: -10 ~ 40 .

9, relative humidity: 85%

10, Power consumption: less than 150W

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