Setting Up a Indoor Volleyball Court in Dubai UAE
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Setting Up a Indoor Volleyball Court

Requirements : Hi

Just wanted to get a quote for setting up an indoor volleyball court since we are looking to do so.
THe Building will be done by our side.
All we need from your side is
1) Right type of flooring for playing Volleyball. The sport type flooring required - also kindly include the Volleyball poles, net the marking on the ground etc. for the same- kindly give a quote for that.
2) We need to have a area in the same court along the end of the wall thats on the wall itself where we could practise climbing - like those seen in the shopping malls- want a quote for that also.
3)Also keep open option of converting the volleyball court for some other games by drawing different lines etc - like badminton, maybe tennis etc.
Please reply ASAP to the below email ID with the quote for all of the above.

Posted on : This offer was Posted 7 years ago and may not be valid Now.
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